Think Tank Medical is the creative brainchild of Andrew Paul. He helped organize a consortium of medical and technology experts that work together to revolutionize medical technology, compliance, and service platforms to extend life in patients. Think Tank Medical will help improve the quality of healthcare delivered through the development of ideas that will assist in earlier diagnoses and promote less invasive treatment options.

With the best minds in medicine and technology, Think Tank Medical focuses on improving the performance of existing medical practices as well as developing new ideas and applications to help doctors, medical professionals, hospitals, and manufacturers provide a better quality of service to their patients and clients. Think Tank Medical differentiates itself with its promise that all technology applications are in full compliance with all Federal Guidelines.

Andrew Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of MiraMax Media. MiraMax Media is the parent company of Think Tank Medical as well as Email Answers, an online marketing and data warehousing company and eList Manager, a proprietary software development company. Mr. Paul is a published author and recognized expert in the Internet Marketing Industry, and has been actively involved with Internet based companies, technology development, and Internet Marketing since 1998.